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In February, I blogged about how news anchors Melissa Carlson of KRNV (Reno, Nevada) and Sarah Hill of KOMU-TV (Columbia, Missouri) are revolutionizing news by using Google+ Hangouts to get people’s opinions on topics of the day. Hangouts — a feature of Google+ that allows people to “skype” one-on-one or as a group — have allowed Carlson, Hill, and other media outlets to make connections around the world.

I first was introduced to Hangouts through Carlson, which was the impetus for the aforementioned blog, “Google Hangouts Infiltrate the Newsroom.” I asked her if she might want to include a “traveling Nevada” theme into her webcasts, and, to my delight, she agreed. As the editor of Nevada Magazine, I volunteered to make a weekly appearance, in which I tell viewers where in Nevada they can get away for the weekend.

In addition to the webcasts (which are 20 minutes long, roughly, and available on the KRNV website) hosted by Carlson, I’ve also been making a weekly appearance in Carlson’s “Cyberstudio” on the television KRNV News 4 at Noon. Following is my most recent appearance, and fourth overall:

I am elated that the innovative and talented team at KRNV has welcomed Nevada Magazine and me so warmly. It’s why I like to say that connecting with Carlson through Google+ has definitely come “full circle.” (A “Circle” is Google+’s buzz word for a group. When you follow someone, you add them to the Circle of your choice.)

So, how can you use Google+ Hangouts? If you’re an editor, maybe you could organize a Circle of freelance writers and discuss story ideas? Or perhaps you can convince your local or regional news to implement Google+, and they would be open to you discussing tourism in the region. It’s a win-win: you’re providing them with credible content, and that plug for your publication certainly doesn’t hurt, either. I see Google+ being used by a lot more in the future by businesses for conference calls — it’s a convenient way to gather every one on your staff, if you aren’t all in the same location.

Or, maybe you’ve found other practical uses for Google+ Hangouts. What are they? How are you using Google, generally, in your social strategy? Remember, the Google search algorithm has changed immensely to incorporate these “real-time” posts and sharing of content. If nothing else, that is the primary reason you need to create or beef up your personal and business Google profiles.


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