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As of August 22, 2012, Nevada Magazine’s Klout score was 66.48.

For the longest time, I couldn’t understand how Nevada Magazine’s Klout score hovered in the low 50s. As the social media manager for the official state tourism publication, I took what I perceived as a low score personally, as we have a very strong presence on all the major social media networks.

Klout sent me an e-mail this morning that contained the following message: “We improved the scoring model as part of our mission to provide the most accurate and transparent measure of influence.” Nevada Magazine’s Klout score is currently 66 — much more respectable, but it still leaves me wondering still how it’s not greater than that. The good news is that our instant 15-point increase proves my original Klout suspicion — it wasn’t a very accurate measure of influence at all.

Learn more about Klout’s updates, including a feature called “Moments” and a new site design, on their blog or watch the video below.

How concerned is your business with the Klout score? What do you feel is a respectable score? If you’re a journalist or a journalism entity, how much stock do you put into it?

In many ways, I feel like Klout is a waste of time — that you should be more concerned with keeping on top of your respective social media outlets (answering questions, providing valuable feedback, etc.) than working to increase your Klout score. On the other hand, I have to admit that a score in the 70s would sure look a lot better than a score in the 60s.


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